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Certified Green Building Professional experts What do they do, in what skills they excel, and who holds the GBPro Certificate in Croatia?

The GBPro Certificate holders are experts who have completed a one-year multidisciplinary course composed of 12 educative modules, which focused on all areas of green building. After they completed the modules, they had to pass the final exam, which granted them the Certified Green Building Proffesional status. More than 130 participants have undertaken the course during the three years of its availability in Croatia (organized by the Croatia Green Building Council) and 85 of them have been awarded the international Green Building Professional Certificate.

The certificate is considered to be international because of the World Green Building Council ( and European Regional Network for Green Building collaboration. Therefore the training is identical in all European and other countries in the world, so that successful students can transfer their knowledge from one country to another, because the part of the program, in addition to international approach to green building itself, include nationally oriented legislation and the specifics in the construction for each country.

The objectives of the joined educational platform at the ERN

The objectives are development oriented with  long-term positive effects: to create the conditions for better communication within the industry, which includes the area of ​​green building, namely: building owners and tenants, investors / developers, financial and especially banking institutions, construction companies, architects, designers, engineers of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering , building management, certification, members of the academic community, lawyers and all other relevant stakeholders, building maintenance industry to enable unique education of the highest possible quality, in order to create synergy and operating group of international and national experts in green building to promote the World GBC, which promotes and supports international certificates for Green Building (eg, LEED, BREEAM, DGNB …) if necessary in countries where there is no certification for green building or there are only a partial certificates (eg. Energy Efficiency Certificates) to be able to assist in  all disciplines within the architectural process with a demonstration of the successful green buildings “business case” and to create a respectable professional community of multidisciplinary competence and national markets, and to use all the principles of green building Green Building Professional, yearlong training program is oriented towards professionals from various relevant disciplines, including architecture, engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, economics, finance , law, marketing; then building owners, tenants, businesses, investors, financial institutions, construction companies, suppliers of products and services in construction, scholars and students, employees in public administration – all those who aim to be in line with the latest trends in green building and to be able to use and maintain a space that aims to achieve a high quality life and work in the region and the realization of cost savings. Therefore, its basic value is an integrated approach to all the individual processes in the overall architectural cycle.

Description and objectives of the Green Building Professional education program

Green Building Professional is an innovative educational program labeled as “open source” among the members of the World Green Building Council in the field of green building. It is especially appealing to younger members of WGBC association who want to offer to their members high quality and valuable multidisciplinary educational program in architectural industry. The European Regional Network for Green Building gives its full support to all national councils in order to establish common educational platform by providing information on the latest findings in the field of green building and ensuring top experts – educators, world experts in the field of green building proposed by the European Education Task Force. Final objective of the Green Building Professional educational program is to raise the generation of multidisciplinary experts in the field of green building, design and financing; ecological materials for the construction, buildings equipment and reconstruction; valuation and life cycle of buildings given the green elements angle; landscape architecture, lighting design, achieving savings through recycling and energy conservation, efficient use of water resources; sustainable site selection and management; national regulation and certification, and international certificates for Green Building LEED, BREEAM and DGNB – creation of working and living space as a whole, that will be healthier, more comfortable and more productive, energy efficient, economically viable, healthy for the environment and man – all based on green principles and sustainability.

Know-how certified Green Building Professionals skills

Participants of year-round program, with the acquisition of internationally recognized certificates Green Building Professional, which has its own identity and value in all countries, and in Central and Western Europe in particular, will gain knowledge that will be able to actively participate in the creation of space by green principles and thus be able to: achieve lower maintenance costs and maximum energy savings to create space that will maximize the satisfaction and productivity of their users, to use materials and equipment with the lowest possible carbon footprint and harmful effects on the environment and users of facilities to learn how to evaluate and assess the potential of green building or space to learn more about the legal framework and regulations concerning Green Building, to perceive the features and benefits of utilization of natural resources such as solar energy, wind and light – aiming top space quality, creating the atmosphere and, consequently, achieving the efficiency in energy use, to be able to find out how to practice and promote environmental principles by using space, and to recognize the peculiarities and similarities in  international system certification of green buildings – LEED®, BREEAM and DGNB and more. The program usually contains 8 mandatory and 4 optional educational modules, and is designed to encourage cooperation and interactivity among the participants, and in addition, connection between local and international experts in the field of green building.

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1. The financial aspects of green building, green building financing, funding and incentives (national and international)
2. Create and manage greener working and living spaces
3. The management of green building projects
4. Spatial and urban planning as a prerequisites for green building; Sustainable site selection and management of the selected location
5. Sustainable Materials and Resources
6. Smart buildings interior design and light
7. Principles of planning, design and construction of green buildings
8. Legal aspects – EU standards, national legislation, international certificates of green building

1. Living Building Challenge
2. Sustainable wood constructions in green buildings
3. Reconstruction of historical (protected) building according to the principles of green building
4. Effective management of water resources
5. Energy efficient building envelope
6. Nearly zero energy buildings (nZEB)

Development of construction sector with monitoring European legislation in Croatia will certainly be facilitated implementation of programs such as the Green Building Professional and transfer of knowledge and good practice in the world on our market. Education generation of multidisciplinary experts in green building in particular supported the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency of the Republic of Croatia and Croatian Chamber of Architects.

Who are Croatian Green Building Professionals?

In three years of organizing Green Building Professional educational program, the total of 85 students successfully completed the program and received certification Green Building Professional. Their knowledge and additional competencies in the field of green building are ready to apply it all over the architectural projects in Croatia.